We have maintained a client portal for our clients since 2016. There are various sections of the portal that can be accessed and used by you depending on your needs.

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HFP client portal

We have maintained a client portal for our clients since 2016.

Useful links

Here you’ll find a selection of useful links relating to the subjects of tax and finances.

Program to calculate the discount rate for receivables and debts, Section 14, Austrian Valuation Act (BewG).

The mathematical basis for calculation was stipulated by the Austrian Ministry of Finance in its decree of 17 December 2003.

Pension value calculator

The valuation of pensions and permanent outgoings was revised by the Austrian Budget Accompanying Act (BBG) of 2003.

Church tax calculator

Here you can calculate online your rate of church tax on the basis of your income.

Commuter allowance calculator

The commuter allowance calculator ascertains the distance between your home and workplace and assesses whether it is reasonable or unreasonable for you to use public transport.

Gross/net wage calculator

Using this, you can quickly calculate your net wage on the basis of your gross wage less tax and social insurance contributions.