We have maintained a client portal for our clients since 2016. There are various sections of the portal that can be accessed and used by you depending on your needs.

HFP client portal

We have maintained a client portal for our clients since 2016. There are various sections of the portal that can be accessed and used by you depending on your needs.

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Benefits of our client portal

  • Guaranteed failsafe performance of our web server (multiple hardware backups, interruption-free power supply etc.)
  • Excellent data security (firewall with https encryption)
  • Data managed in a high security zone of the computer centre
  • Easily calculated, low monthly charges for hardware and software
  • Secure system for the transfer of sensitive data (avoidance of use of email)
  • All results are stored at a virtual location and can be accessed by clients at any time using any device and any internet connection
  • Various access authorisation levels for employees and entrepreneurs can be provided
  • No need to send documentation by post, email or fax
  • Avoidance of redundant double registration of information thanks to electronic data transfer

Personnel accounting

Data is provided through the client portal
Clients can upload documentation relating to personnel accounting through the client portal. Provision of monthly results for personnel accounting, other personnel accounting documentation (e.g. registration certificates, wage confirmations, deregistration certificates etc.) are available to clients for a period of 7 years. Can be accessed by clients using any device with internet access and supplied with a password.

Registration of employee data by clients, with option of reporting of minimum essential details directly to their local health insurance providers.

This program allows the registration of data on recently recruited employees, employees who leave, variable aspects in the case of employees (e.g. overtime, travel expenses etc.), days of leave and sickness.

With the help of this module, clients supplied with a password can at any time report the minimum essential details to their local health insurance providers using any PC with internet access. The registration confirmations of health insurers will rapidly be available for access through the client portal. This will make possible compliance with legal requirements (particularly the time frames for registering new employees) even outside the office hours of HFP.

Accounting – transfer of documentation, prior registration of bank and cash receipts, download of various evaluation results, provision of results through the client portal

Transfer of accounting/tax advice documentation by uploading of these by clients through the secure client portal. Provision of monthly accounting data, other accounting data (e.g. bank accounts, individual factors etc), tax declarations, decisions etc. available to clients for a period of 7 years. Can be accessed with password from any PC with internet access.

Transfer of accounting documentation in PDF form through the secure client portal

Scanned documents in PDF form can be transferred through the client portal to HFP for further processing. Using our RZL scan manager, these documents can be converted to the required electronic form and sorted, while multipage documents can be merged and the documents archived according to category.

Dedicated program tool for preregistration of bank/cash data

Using the "Vorerfassung Kassa/Bank" module, clients can directly register, among other things, cash data, making it unnecessary to keep a cash book. In addition to this, bank transfers can be directly registered by clients. In both cases, this will reduce the workload for accountants as these will as a consequence only be primarily involved in control activities (particularly with a view to VAT). Any entries that cannot be assigned to a bank account by a client are left in unclassified mode to be subsequently completed by an accountant.

Submission of entry texts and account numbers for the preregistration module

Entry texts and account numbers are set up specific for each client, facilitating an overview of entries and reducing the risk of erroneous assignment to accounts.

Should the above be of interest to you, please get in touch with your personal HFP contact, who will be happy to supply you with a quote.


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The mathematical basis for calculation was stipulated by the Austrian Ministry of Finance in its decree of 17 December 2003.