We have maintained a client portal for our clients since 2016. There are various sections of the portal that can be accessed and used by you depending on your needs.

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We at HFP are not too big for the small fry and not too small for the big fish. Benefit from our considerable expertise and many years of experience. We are there to save you tax!

We will provide you with personalised advice. Our HFP team will be familiar with all the aspects of your business and will be available to you at all times. Thanks to internal and external contacts, our consultants can readily obtain specialised information relevant to your case and propose a solution that is optimal for you.

Mag. Christian Klausner

Tax advisor and auditor

Mag. Andrea Schellner

Auditor and tax advisor

Mag. Thomas Havranek

Tax advisor and court-approved consultant

Mag. Florian Kalchmair

Tax advisor and expert

Günther W. Havranek

Senior Advisor