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Our Key Services

Tax Advising

Preparation of tax returns, annual financial statements, and revenue and expenditure with the goal of tax optimization as well as ongoing advising and informational services in all tax matters, including selection of a company's legal form.

Bookkeeping and Payroll Accounting

Bookkeeping – if desired at the client's offices –, calculation of monthly operational figures as well as payroll accounting and advice on labor law issues.

Entrepreneurs / Company Establishment

we offer entrepreneurs customized, reasonably-priced consulting packages, help them navigate the official channels, advise on the choice of legal form, and resolve any issues relating to social insurance or trade guilds.

Management Consulting

Profit and loss analyses, identification of business strengths, weaknesses, and cost-saving potentials. We advise on budget allocation and financing issues, make medium and long-term forecasts and perform cash flow analyses.

Financial Auditing

Obligatory and voluntary audits, as well as all manner of special-purpose audits using the most up-to-date, efficient methods. As part of the process, we provide management with information and recommendations concerning internal accounting.

You can also download our folder "HLB Intercontrol auditing" as PDF.

International Consulting

HFP has been a member of HLB International for over 20 years, a global group of over 1,700 partners in over 100 countries who together employ over 14,000 staff members in over 450 companies. HLB partners are well-established, independent firms with local know-how.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Assistance in mergers and acquisitions by means of due diligence audits. Excellent consulting synergies with other professionals such as attorneys, notaries, and banks.

Expert Opinions

We deliver court opinions, insurance opinions, and expert opinions for private purposes in the fields of corporate governance and accounting (such as business interruptions and business valuations), as well as compliance (compliance systems, codes of ethics, due diligence procedures) and risk management.

Business Arbitration ...

… means “negotiating instead of conflict“, a process which centers on interests rather than positions. With the aid of an independent arbitrator, parties search for solutions which are mutually acceptable and beneficial to both parties.