We have maintained a client portal for our clients since 2016. There are various sections of the portal that can be accessed and used by you depending on your needs.

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Take advantage of our high level of expertise and many years of experience. Our goal: Save your taxes!

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We at HFP are not too big for the small fry and not too small for the big fish. Benefit from our considerable expertise and many years of experience. We are there to save you tax!

We will provide you with personalised advice. Our HFP team will be familiar with all the aspects of your business and will be available to you at all times. Thanks to internal and external contacts, our advisors can readily obtain specialised information relevant to your case and propose a solution that is optimal for you.

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HFP client portal

We have maintained a client portal for our clients since 2016.

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Here you’ll find a selection of useful links relating to the subjects of tax and finances.

Commuter allowance calculator

The commuter allowance calculator ascertains the distance between your home and workplace and assesses whether it is reasonable or unreasonable for you to use public transport.

Pension value calculator

The valuation of pensions and permanent outgoings was revised by the Austrian Budget Accompanying Act (BBG) of 2003.


"Every member of staff is a gain for us."

Mag. Andrea Schellner, Partnerin

Loyal employees – a valuable asset for all businesses. Acquiring them, helping them form a bond with the business and retaining them over the long term are the needs of the moment. The new tax-free profit-sharing allowance that can now be paid under Austria tax law can be used as an attractive and practicable incentive.

However, so that employees may receive this tax-free bonus, it is necessary to comply with specific criteria. We will be happy to advise on you on how you can reward your loyal personnel and ensure their job satisfaction in this way – because we know how!

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With us, you can be sure you’re on the right course.

We will always endeavour to provide you with detailed and valuable advice in tax matters. This is what makes us tick while we see it as our duty to ensure your business is successful.