We have maintained a client portal for our clients since 2016. There are various sections of the portal that can be accessed and used by you depending on your needs.


Auditor at HFP

The demanding profession of auditor requires objectivity, the ability to think analytically and extensive specialised knowledge. At HFP tax consultancy, we combine these skills with passion, expertise and commitment. Our motto #leidenschaftverbindet – the passion that unites us – symbolises not only our enthusiasm for dealing with auditing-related aspects but also the close relationships that develop between our team and our clients.

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Our auditors at HFP are responsible for annual accounts, special review processes and advice on business management aspects. We always place the human dimension at the focus of our activities. Our advice services are personalised, and we take the necessary time to respond to the individual needs of our clients. We listen closely to what they have to say so that we understand each situation in detail and can thus develop customised solutions and provide our clients with guidance and help.

Our fascination with sports is reflected in both our work ethic and the way we interact with each other. At HFP, we place considerable emphasis on mutual respect, a unique team spirit and peak performances – rather as if we were professional sports persons. This dynamism characterises our day-to-day work and motivates us to always spare no effort to provide the optimal solutions to the business concerns of our clients.